Transport – Sweden

Sweden is a country well-known for its famously developed road infrastructure, high driving culture and emphasising safety on the road. Thus transport to and from Sweden is always a nice experience for us. We realise orders in this direction monthly, delivering goods on time. At the same time we remember that conditions on the road can change drastically – we are flexible in this matter. During planning the route we take into consideration possible changes of the weather and difficulties that might occur. Moreover, the important matter is access by ferry. So at the stage of planning we already notice the fact that transport on Poland-Sweden and Sweden-Poland route will require additional logistical solutions.

Conveying between Poland and Sweden is almost everyday for us. It is the direction most often chosen by our customers because of convenience and openness of Scandinavian market for Polish products. Transport from Poland to Sweden includes mainly electronical equipment, machines and parts, construction and gardening materials. Quick and cheap shipping to Sweden can comply windows, doors and glass, as well as – due to high quality of Polish products of plant origin – food for breeding animals: hay, fodders and haylages.

Our market is also open to Scandinavian products. Transport from Sweden involves primarly machines (construction, agricultural and industrial) and mains of transport – very popular are especially trucks and motorcycles. Among imported goods are wooden items, furniture, precious metals and base metals, mechanical devices, electronical equipment and parts.

We put very big emphasis on the fact that transport on Poland-Sweden and Sweden-Poland route is not only cheap, but also safe and planned accordingly to Scandinavians’ conditions. All transport formalities we do considering safety procedures and our customers’ expectations.

About the country

Sweden is one of the bigger Scandinavian countries located in the Northern Europe, on Scandinavian Peninsula. Its total area is about 450 000 square kilometres. It is characterised by highland landscape, frayed coastline with many bays and moderate cool climate. It is a member of the European Union, it borders with Norwey, Finland and Denmark (access to Denmark is possible thanks to the bridge over the Öresund Strait). The country is divided into 12 administrative regions. The cities with the most density of companies are: Stockholm,Göteborg, Malmö and Uppsala.
Sweden is a highly developed Scandinavian country, which economic is based mainly on natural resources, such as the iron ore. The important branch of its industry is wood production – the country is one of the biggest cellulose exporters. Except that Sweden focuses on developing machine, metal, transport and electrotechnical industry.



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