Transport – Denmark

Through Denmark there goes a road network with total length of 72 000 km, of which 1000 km are highways (2006-2007 years data). In majority they have European marking. Thanks to this transport companies have no bigger problems with moving around the country. Going to islands is not an obstacle for us, although it requires flexibility and good organization of the course. As an experienced Polish transport company we know how to plan an international transport. We take into consideration terrain specificity and difficulties connected with this (including ferry crossings or temporary bridges closing). We are prepared for every circumstance, and despite the problems which may occur, we deliver goods on time and to the given place.

Poland-Denmark international transport is a direction very profitable for our company and it is often chosen. The country is famous for high-quality surpluses in energetic and grocery trade, which it willingly exports. Transport from Denmark to Poland includes mainly machines, mechanical devices and grocery products. Truck conveyance also includes machine parts and chemical industry products.

We have mastered to perfection planning of truck conveying on Poland-Denmark and Denmark-Poland route . We deal with all formalities connected with international transport, we control course of the route – everything connected with transport of goods is like everyday life for us!

About the country

Denmark is a Scandinavian country, which area takes 70% of Jutland Peninsula. The rest of the country lays on 406 islands, from which only 79 are inhabited. Formally the country consists also of Faroe Islands and Greenland. Denmark is a member of the European Union; it borders with Germany (on the south) and Sweden (through the Sund Strait). It is divided into 5 lands: Northern Jutland, Central Jutland, Southern Denmark, Zealand and Capital Region. The biggest cities besides Copenhagen are: Århus, Odense, Ålborg and Esbjerg. Due to the specific location relative to the continent part, there is no problem in going there through Germany or Sweden (through bridge), whereas getting to the islands is possible only by ferry.

Denmark is a highly developed country, moreover, it is energetically self-sufficient. Among mined natural resources are: petroleum, natural gas, lignite and peat – surpluses of these resources are exported. The country puts much emphasis on development of machine, paper, food and construction industries. In the economical development there is also important farming, and due to the surplus groceries are exported outside the country.




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