Sawpol – transport and spedition

Since year 2004 we have been providing to our clients – smaller or bigger companies – with thorough organization of domestic and international transport of almost every kind of goods. We treat each order and each customer individually, thus we take care of dealing with shipping formalities instead of our clients (for example on the lie: EU countries – countries outside EU). With this we gained hearts of many customers. However, if it had not been for our punctuality, safety and organizing professional transport, all our declarations would have been only empty words.

Many years of experience in the international spedition mean that we employ highly qualified workers (forwarding agents and drivers), we invest in modern equipment and devices (for example for loading and unloading) and that we coordinate well our work. Each transportation is monitored and insured. During execution of each contract we use methods which we have been working out for years, and which guarantee safety of goods entrusted to us, and thanks to that – saisfaction of our clients.

We stand out from the background of other spedition companies thanks to special care for every customer. That is why we appoint for each of them an individual attendant, who helps and advises on all stages of the order realization.

We have individual approach to each order, thus we estimate the cost depending on the:

  • place of loading and unloading,
  • load weight,
  • load size.

Also during settling order’s details we give planned delivery date.



Certificates and licenses

We gained Certificate of Professional Competence in Domestic Road Transport issued by the Road Transport Institute on 21st of April 2007 and Certificate of using the National Record of Debts system.

Our vehicles fleet contains a vast choice of semi-trailers:

  • low loaders (Tiefbett),
  • large size and over size (Jumbo, platforms, Mega),
  • with permanent body (Koffer) or with a tilt,
  • courtain type,
  • chemical, grocery, gas, fuel cysterns,
  • self-loading,
  • containers (for example 20/40),
  • freezer trucks and isothermals,
  • dump trucks,
  • log trucks,
  • tow trucks,
  • silos.