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Our western neighbours are on the 3rd place in Europe regarding a network of roads and motorways, which makes them one of the most important countries playing a role in European road transport. Thick transport network consists of more than 640 000 km of roads in total. Conveying goods from and to Germany is very convenient for our company also because of close neighbourhood with Poland. Each month we realise many orders to convey different kinds of loads, mainly from machine industry, but not only.

Performed by us conveyance of goods to Germany contains machines, car parts and accessories, semi-trailers, car bodies and bicycles. Among products transported across the western border are also various mechanical devices. Kettles (and appropriate parts), electronic equipment, but also elements of interior furnishing: furniture, lighting accessories or home fabrics. Loads conveyed from Germany to Poland are also construction machines, cars and trucks. Quite big part of imported goods are industry sector products, as well as chemical and food sector.

Thanks to big experience and long presence in the trade, our company has become an expert in conveying construction and agricultural machines. Transportation from Germany to Poland and from Poland to Germany is one of the most popular export and import directions for us. We can simply say that it is our everyday life!

About the country

Germany is a federal state in Western Europe. It borders on Poland. It consists of 16 lands. Its territory for the most part is located in lowland areas. The capital city is Berlin, other big cities are: Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Dortmund and Essen. Germany is most populous country in Europe (about 83 mln citizens), which plays important role in European politics and economy and is a transport destination most often chosen by us.

Germany is one of the most important economic powers of the world and also very important business partner for us. Modern industry is focusing on lignite and copper mining, petroleum and natural gas extraction. This country is at the forefront if it comes to production of fertilizers, machines and vehicles: cars and trucks, which are goods most often conveyed by us. Many Polish enterprises are working behind the western border – thus conveying companies like us are necessary for them to develop and international business.



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