Transport – Spain

It is the international destination most often chosen by us, next to Germany, France and Great Britain. Spanish market is very receptive, but also it willingly shares its resources with other countries, especially European Union countries. We perform transport of goods on Poland-Spain and Spain-Poland route with engagement, in professional way and with our customer’s best interest at heart. Thanks to developed transport infrastructure in this part of the continent we move around quickly, realising our tasks in a way convenient to our clients.

Among products most often shipped by us are construction materials, machines, electronical devices, plastics and manufactured goods. We take also orders for transport from Poland to Spain and from Spain to Poland of quickly rotting goods, such as fruits and other grocery articles. ADR and waste transport is another group of stuff which we successfully convey both ways.

About the country

Spain is located in highland and mountainous areas in western part of South Europe. It is a highly developed country with a rich history and high social development factor. In addition to the part of Iberian Peninsula it occupies the area of Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and North Africa areas. The country consists of 17 autonomic regions. The most important cities, to which we direct our international transports, are: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Saragossa and Malaga.

Until the 60-ies of XXth century Spain was on the list of poorest countries of Western Europe. Thanks to the tourism development and joining in the European Union it has become recently one of the fastest developing economies in the world. Apart of tourism it focuses on foreign trade and capital. The industry is focused mainly on automotive, shipbuilding, metallurgical and electrotechnical trades. Spain is also well-known for its highly developed textile and grocery industry.



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