Founder of the company, the rock of the team not only at work, but also in the field of environment protection. He values leisure time and he loves people. He is a friend of animals and nature. He has a yellow-faced cockatoo, a british cat, a doberman and an aquarium with fishes and many exotic plants. He knows his value and he knows how to bring it out of others. He has a highly developed ‘’helping others syndrome”. In behaviour a social-worker, in speech – a dreamer, awesome boss.


An artist with a sophisticated taste. She lives actively and healthily, she loves challenges. Her passions are long journeys, board games and interior design. She has this logistic sense and she always finds a common ground with interlocutor. She has a talent to perform difficult tasks. Honest in acting, in speech frank. A great team supervisor.


He loves speed and sport cars. He likes technical innovations and, like David Hasselhoff, he is our technical rescuer. In mornings he walks the dog and meditates, in evenings he watches movies. Leader of order and cleanness. He leaves ego behind the door and he brings in empathy. Sensitive in behaviour, in speech concrete, a great companion.


A good humour master with a scent of comicality. He values freedom and riding fast motorbikes. He is a thinker, ho does not reveal cards not dealt yet. He spends his free time on various sports. He draws his interlocutors with professionalism. He is creative in his approach to work and life. In behaviour fire, in speech water, a great planner.


She is the administrator taking care of harmony in the company’s documentation. She also represents the company in social media and she initiates e-marketing actions. She loves horse riding and working in a garden. Small things make her happy, great things motivate her development. In action cheerful, in speech brilliant, she is a great ambasadress.