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Due to the fact that Norway is not a member of the European Union, each transport in this direction needs check-in and a ferry crossing. Of course we take it into account while planning the route, and we manage all needed formalities. In the country there are more than 10 European routes, which enable conveying goods not only in Norway, but also neighbour countries. Thanks to well-planned routes and great flexibility of our company truck shipping go quickly, safely and – what is important – also cheaply. Poland-Norway and Norway-Poland transport is one of our specialities. It is one of the directions most often realised by us.

The exchange of goods performed by us goes both ways. More and more Polish companies conduct businesses in Scandinavia which makes goods exchange between our countries even easier. Among products regularly conveyed to Norway there are mainly construction and gardening materials. On the list there are also electronic devices and finishing works items. Due to the high quality of products of plant origin we also convey to Scandinavia hay and haylage.

Every month we perform a lot of import orders. Conveying from Norway to Poland includes most frequently construction, industrial and agricultural machines. It touches also automotive branch – importing cars and motorcycles to Poland is one of our specialities. Among conveyed goods are also floating constructions, including boats. And it is just a part of loads, which we transport from Norway to Poland and from Poland to Norway every month.

We offer the cheapest truck transport to Scandinavia, providing well-scheduled shipping, safety of load, arranging necessary formalities during customs clearance and arrival to most distant corners of Norway on time.

About the country

Norway is a constitutional monarchy with an area of more than 380 000 square kilometres, in northern and western part of Scandinavian Peninsula. It is not a member of the European Union. Mainly Norway borders with Sweden, but also with Finland and Russia in small parts. Its landscape is dominated by mountains, fjords and numerous islands along the shore. It is one of the least populated country in Europe – the number of residents is slightly more than 5 mln. They live mainly in area of Oslo, but also of cities such as Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger and Kristiansand.

Norway is a highly developed country, which economy is largely based on services and transport. The most important mineral resources mined in the country are: petroleum and natural gas. Industry is built on refinery, mechanical, electrochemical, shipbuilding, wood and paper brands. There is the Agreement on a European Economic Area between Poland and Norway, which gives a permission for free trade between the countries.



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