Transport – France

Transport of goods on the Poland-France and France-Poland route takes place almost everyday – it is one of the international transport directions most frequently performed by us. It is a highly developed country fulfilling the role of European economy leader – next to Germany and Great Britain. Due to the fact that it is one of the strongest economies of the world, many goods are imported and exported from there. Transport from Poland to France does not require additional issues related to customs clearance or additional documentation. International transport of goods in both directions performed by our company is very fluent and quick, and which is most important – professional.
Most often transported loads on the Poland-France and France-Poland route are agricultural machines and cars, as well as parts dedicated to them. Often among goods transported to western market are also metal elements and plastic products. Construction materials and finishing elements are also very popular on both markets, such as doors, windows and glass. Transport from France to Poland is also in a great measure about grocery industry and pharmaceutical products.

About the country

France is one of the biggest and the richest countries of Western Europe, it also takes many non-european terriories. It is located mostly in lowland areas. It is one of the founding countries of the European Union and United Nations Organization. At present France is on the 5th place among the best developed countries of the world and on the 11th place in the quality of life ranking. The country is divided into 13 regions, from which there are distinguished departments and municipalities. The biggest cities are of course Paris, then: Lyons, Marseille, Marsylia, Lille, Toulouse and Bordeaux.
France is a member of th G8 group, uniting most industrialized countries in the world. It is on the top of the list of countries being both exporters and importers of industrial goods. Its economy relies on private sectors in a great measure. At present France is one of the biggest food producers and exporters. It is also a country highly developed turistically.


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